What To Do If You Feel Like Cowgirl Doesn't Work For You

Everyone has a favorite sex position, and for a lot of women, cowgirl (aka on top) is the go-to position that helps them reach orgasm almost every time. On paper, it makes sense: if you're 'in charge' of the speed and rhythm, how could it not work for you? However, what works for one woman doesn't necessarily do the trick for others, and many women (yours truly included) find it difficult to climax on top. I've often wondered how to reach orgasm in the cowgirl position, and if I was doing something wrong and hindering my own pleasure.

"The reason some women just don’t get off on cowgirl is exactly what makes some do," Anna Richards, founder of FrolicMe, an erotic site for women and couples, tells Bustle. "You have to remember the shape of your bodies and how you 'fit' in this position. The pleasure comes from the movement of his penis pushing against the front wall of your vagina and ideally up towards your G-spot. With the woman in charge... she has the benefit [of]... controlling all aspects — the speed, depth of movement, [and] the position she sits in."

However, just because you're 'in control' during cowgirl doesn't mean it will be a piece of cake for you to reach orgasm that way. There are so many factors that lead to a successful orgasm — getting the angle just right, making sure the clitoris is stimulated, and even just mentally "feeling it," so to speak. That being said, there's absolutely nothing to be ashamed of if you're having difficulty reaching orgasm on top (or in any position, for that matter). Because everyone deserves a happy ending, here are seven tips to help you take the reins and reach orgasm the next time you're having sex in the cowgirl position.

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