Reba Corrine
Reba Corrine
Entertainer, Sexuality Educator, Entrepreneur

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Sexuality Educator,


Reba Corrine Thomas is a professional actor, producer, sexuality educator and consultant based in Washington, DC. Reba discovered her passion for the arts at the tender age of 8-- starring in numerous locally and regionally acclaimed classic musical theatre productions. In 2009, Reba began her career in independent film serving as creative director for several music video productions, as well as lead and supporting talent in several independent web series in Washington, DC and Atlanta, GA.   

In 2015, Reba began successfully hosting a series of pleasure-positive sexual education workshops in D.C., and was determined to realize her dream of becoming a full-time entertainer and entrepreneur.  After an unexpected lay-off in 2017, Reba walked away from her 8-year career as a fundraising and development officer in the nonprofit sector in pursuit of that dream. Specializing in independent film, sexual health education and marketing/communications, Reba is presently the founder and CEO of Sexpert Consultants LLC, a direct sales company that offers educational entertainment with a focus on sexual health; and co-founder of 38 Creative Media Group, a boutique public relations agency specializing in communications, marketing and brand development.

Reba is an ambassador for the American Sexual Health Association (ASHA) and through her work at Sexpert Consultants LLC is committed to promoting sexual health awareness among adults of all ages. She attended Howard University and has received specialized sexual health education training from Indiana University's Center for Sexual Health Promotion.

Reba is married to her best friend, chef and soulmate, and together they have a beautiful blended family with several kids. In her free time, Reba loves to entertain--  working on multiple projects in audiobook production, independent film,  music production and theatre. Reba's work can be found on NPR, iTunes, Audible, YouTube and SoundCloud.  


I want to create a community, a place for women to come and be free to talk about sex without any taboo or shame or judgement..

- Reba Corrine


I'm just a girl who wants to tell the stories that will change the world.



Reba C.


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